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Video hosting & tracking tools. Ad stitching technology. Integrated video ad serving platform. Modern-day video ad technology that feels incredibly futuristic.
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Synthesis of Data,Technology and the Human Touch

Artificial intelligence moved from fiction to reality. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are able to learn and adapt through experience, helping you to get maximum from your data and audiences. While big data provides incredibly detailed forecasts, and statistics help us to answer most of the questions, human creativity gives life to those numbers and drives truly impressive results.

Gothamads’ video advertising solutions are fully automated and machine-based but inspired by and for real people. Gothamads’ video ecosystem is a network of interconnected platforms exclusively for video ad inventory trading. Imagine high-resolution video advertising. We made it possible.

Consistent Video Experience across all Customer Touchpoints

Our integrated video advertising platform connects all the dots along the customer journey, allowing advertisers to deliver engaging video ads across channels (web, mobile, video, in-app), devices (desktop, smartphone, tablets), operating systems and browsers. When using our comprehensive video solutions you can finally reach your crowd anytime, anywhere. Digital publishers can remain calm because we offer only high-targeted, non-intrusive video ads from trusted brands. This means that your online audiences will actually love those video ads!

Amuse your visitors with videos, and see how conversion rates grow, bringing you instant income for every video ad view.

Feature-Rich Video Player for High-Resolution Video Ads

Efficient ad delivery largely depends on a video player you use. GothamAds offers a user-friendly video player that helps publishers to easily embed video content into their web page, blog post, HTML page or mobile app. Our video player is fast loading, which means it won’t affect user experience and ad viewability. Moreover, it is integrated with major ad networks and demand sources so you always get the chance to monetize your traffic. Gothamads’ video player is compatible with VAST and VPAID specifications and supports both HTML5/Flash.

With our responsive video player, your ads would look sharp at any screen resolution. Use customization features to blend the player perfectly into your website’s design.

Package Deal:
Video Ad Hosting, Serving and Tracking

We’ve integrated multiple video solutions into a single package to provide you with end-to-end platform for every stage of the video campaign. Gothamads’ video ad server allows advertisers to host, target and effectively deliver their HD-quality video clips, securing every impression with an extra layer of verification. Our server-side ad insertion technology stitches video and ad content on the CMS level to boost video playback and bypass ad blocking. Track video ad clicks and impressions, use performance metrics to optimize video inventory and increase fill rates.

Make video advertising your most valuable asset. Let our technology help you in that.

Full-Scale Tagless Integration for Superior Performance

We help our supply-side and buy-side partners to achieve their performance targets. That is why we now offer tagless implementation, which gives publishers an opportunity to offer video inventory to multiple buyers at the same time. This fires competition and allows publishers to get a greater value for every impression. Proven tagless technology is not only profitable but also fast and transparent.

Enjoy hassle-free, tagless transactions throughout Gothamads’ video network.

User Interface

Manage multiple campaigns across numerous ad networks through a single interface. Organize your video inventory, using publisher control tools and configure relationships with media buyers. Advertisers can easily set up audience targeting, selecting relevant viewership for their video ads. Both video buyers and sellers can track how users engage with their video ads, compare KPIs and see which video ad creatives work best in terms of different consumer segments.

Get actionable insights to optimize your video campaign in real-time. Stay focused even when marketing dynamics are changing.

Get a seat in Gothamads’ marketplace and trade video inventory in a safe, transparent environment.

Set your floor price, transact through Deal IDs and generate stable yield. Enjoy advanced targeting settings, plenty of video supply, and automated workflow!
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