Programmatic Video Marketplace

Premium Ad Exchange built exclusively for video. The world’s biggest pool of video ad inventory from trusted video publishers worldwide.
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Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium

Gothamads’ video Ad Exchange effectively connects brands with video publishers. We carefully manage the balance of demand and supply, so there is never a shortage or excess of video ad inventory. Publishers are guaranteed nearly 100% fill rate and the best eCPM. Advertisers get the prime placements, valuable audiences and the highest ROI. We make both video buyers and video sellers happy – and that’s what equilibrium is.

Video Advertising

Our video ecosystem was not built in one day. We meticulously checked and approved every trading partner before it could join our network to ensure highest quality possible. Now it’s your turn to join our video marketplace. Become a member of a unique video community, establish private connections with sell- and buy-side partners, and trade in a trustworthy environment with GothamAds.

Full-Scale Video Ad Campaigns

Launch multi-screen, cross-channel video ad campaigns. Use advanced targeting settings, control your marketing budget and track performance of your ads. Monetize your video inventory with proprietary yield optimization tools. Manage advertising space; opt for the best-performing video formats. Gothamads’ video Ad Exchange offers multiple buying options: real-time bidding auctions, programmatic direct deals, preferred deals and private auctions. Enjoy video advertising to the fullest.

Gain instant access to the global pool of video supply and demand. Organize your personal networks and run ultimately successful video campaigns!

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