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GothamAds Video: End-to-End Solutions

GothamAds is a data-driven video ecosystem that seamlessly integrates video ad hosting, serving, and tracking components into a universal platform to bring ultimately greater ROI.

Discover the world of online video advertising with Gothamads’ video solutions. Entertain your viewers in the right time and place with branded video content, delivering high-impact video experiences on big and small screens. Create your ideal monetization strategy with the top-performing video ad units and advanced publisher control tools. Use Gothamads’ video tech stack to drive fantastic revenues!

Video Ad Serving

Monitor performance using built-in video ad server that efficiently delivers ads, tracks engagement, and optimizes video ads based on results. Run flawless video ad campaigns, safeguarded by machines.

Video Marketplace

Gothamads’ digital marketplace connects top-tier advertisers with premium video publishers, offering best-in-class video inventory and prime placements. Buy exclusive video audiences through direct deals, OpenRTB auctions and private marketplaces.

Smart Mediation

Create and aggregate video ad tags with GothamAds dynamic decision processing technology. Complete tagless transactions with other Gothamads’ partners and flatten your waterfall with new-gen pre-bid integrations.

Outstanding Benefits for Video Buyers & Sellers

Cross-Screen Video Ad Formats

Choose video ad formats that deeply resonate with your audiences: outstream, in-stream, in-banner inventory, static pre-roll, interactive pre-roll formats and much more. Deliver video ads full screen on the desktop, mobile and smart devices. Reach your viewers wherever they are!
Self-Serve Video Advertising

Gothamads’ video advertising platform is 100% self-serve, allowing clients to independently optimize the trading process at any stage. After uploading video ad creative, media buyers can configure targeting settings and choose optimal buying strategy. Publishers can choose inventory type, organize advertising space so it brings maximum value, and trade freely on their own rules. Stay in control of your direct relationships with trading partners with our powerful self-serve tools.
Big Data Analytics & Reporting

Control every step of your video ad campaign with performance metrics toolkit. Experiment with video ad formats to understand which ones monetize best. Get used to receiving regular reports upon demand with Gothamads’ reporting and analytics functionality.

Why Gothamads’ Video

Gothamads’ is your trusted video adtech provider. Our proven solutions work together seamlessly to ensure the first-class quality. We provide a full stack of highly customizable products and services for advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. GothamAds simply makes video advertising work for you.

Surpass Performance Expectations

With GothamAds Video, advertisers can increase brand visibility and generate more leads, driving higher conversions. Publishers get the chance to attract new visitors, uplift traffic and monetize unique audience segments. Reach your maximum potential with our video solutions.

Generate Your
Best ROI Ever

Maximize your revenues by selling video inventory at the highest possible price at open real-time auctions, private invitation-only auctions or preferred deals. Deliver video ads to responsive audiences, boost sales and achieve an unprecedented return on investment.

Brand Safety: Trust and Transparency

We verify and endorse every supply- and demand-side partner to guarantee a truly transparent video ecosystem to our clients. An additional level of security is provided by integrated third-party fraud detection technologies. We check every video impression for you. Guaranteed.

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